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  • 19th March
  • 19

Young Justice Invasion : End Game download

Guys, I’m man enough to admit that I cried rivers while watching this. Serious, man.. shit… This was the worst / best ending of a serie.

They leave shit open so if they get the chance they can make a third season or a movie, but still ends it if that won’t happen.

However, they killed some of my peps so I’m not sure I would want to watch another season of YJ. I say that now, but if they ever start this serie up again I’m gonna be glued to my computer waiting to watch every episode.

Anywho, warning for characters death. I think I should warn people for that.
Close your door, have a lot of water and tissues near you and voila~! You’re ready to watch the episode!

Young Justice Invasion | Episode 20 | Endgame
HD | WMV | 288 MB | Logofree | Free download

Download here: Click me~! Yippi!
Or from sendspace here: Click me andlickme~!


  • 11th March
  • 11

Young Justice Invasion ep 19 : Summit [DL]

Hi guys! A bit late but not by much.
I once again haven’t had time to watch the ep myself, I’ve just quickly looked it over to check that everything is working. So no spoliers from me this time either. xD

Hope you will enjoy the episode! And thanks for following!

Young Justice Invasion | Episode 19 | Summit
HD | WMV | Logofree | Free Download

Download here: Click Me! Yom Yom Yom~!
Or from Sendspace here: Click Me! Andadoreme~!

  • 10th March
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YJI episode 18 Intervention HD logofree DL

Sorry that it has taken so long to get this up. I’ve been working, been dogsitting, and most recently sick. Yeah awesome week this week. *ironic*

Anyway. Episode 19 will be up for download tomorrow. After that it’s only one episode left before Young Justice is done/finished. It’s been an awesome 2 season run - lots of hiatus, lots of tears, lots of angry fans. But hey, let’s hope Cartoon Network /or whoever/ get to their senses and bring YJ back for us. If they do not, then we still have Ultimate Spider-man I guess. Though that one seems to be on a hiatus or cancelled as well.. Isn’t life swell?

Here’s episode 18 for you guys!

Download here: CLICK ME! Yay~!
Or from sendspace here: CLICK ME andloveme~!

  • 25th February
  • 25

YJI episode 17 the HUNT Download HD logofree

Hi guys!
Sorry it got a bit later than I had wanted it to. I didn’t plan to have to make my sister’s homework. Oh don’t give me that look! I know it’s wrong, but it’s really hard to say no to her. She’s adorable.

Here’s episode 17 | Young Justice Invasion | The Hunt
Hd :: Logofree :: WMV :: free download
Click here to download
Or click here to download from Sendspace

Anywho. I’m working over-time this week, working for 4 different people so I’m not gonna be online much. I won’t fix the link if it’s broken. Sorry. Most of the time it’s not even broken. Just down for a couple of secs. Try using Internet Explorer, or wait a couple of hours and try downloading it again.

Also, I haven’t had time to watch this episode yet. So no spoilers or comments from me this time. xD Either way, I do believe this episode will be epic and I hope you guys will enjoy watching it.

  • 17th February
  • 17

YJI episode 16 Complications DL

This was amazing guys! I was screaming the whole episode. I should start recording myself watching these. xD Haha nah kidding. But yeah. For those of you who haven’t watch it yet, you’re certainly in for a treat! ;)

Young Justice Invasion Episode 16: Complications
HD | Logofree | WMV
Download here: Click ME! Yay~!
Or here: Click me for Sendspace.

Help us keep this show running, go to YJFanvids to learn more on how to prevent CartoonNetwork from cancelling this.

  • 15th February
  • 15

Young Justice Invasion ep 15 - WAR download

Happy Valentine’s Day guys~!
I’m a bit late where I am, it’s already passed 1am, but I would guess it’s around 7pm where most of you are so. Yeah.

Young Justice Invasion episode 15 - WAR
HD | Logofree | WMV | Free~!

Download here: Click Me! Yay~!
Or Here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6omli3

Support the show anyway possible.
Help us keep the show from being cancelled!
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  • 4th February
  • 04

Hi guys… YJI download Ep 14 Runaways

YJI episode 14 :: Runaways :: HD :: LOGOfree :: WMV
Download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/clv9tz
Download here: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/UW0qnBsmrd/

Hi guys… I were almost not going to share this with you.
It’s not that I don’t want to. Cause I truly want you guys to get these episodes in the best quality and logofree and such… it’s just..

..There’s a witchhunt going on right now in Sweden or if it’s the US having it trying to catch people in Sweden… I’m not sure. But either way people left to right on my sides are being sued and tossed into jail for sharing files / movies and such online.

It’s feels so silly that the goverment or whatever focuss their money and energy on that, there’s so much else that needs fixing in the world than people sharing their passions and interests online. Cause that’s what I’m doing - WE ARE DOING. I’m sharing these episode, this show with you guys - cause I freakin adore Young Justice and the YJ community is just like a huge family and yeah.. So much love…

I’m not sharing it cause I want to hurt the production or wanna make money of people. I’m doing this for free to help other get interested in the show and maybe buy merchandise or other stuff. Or maybe just spread the love around and get people to watch the show on Tv or whatever.

But yeah… I’m shit-scared guys.

Hopefully if my tumblr ever does get noticed the only thing that will happen is that the people will shut it down. In that case you can find me on Youtube. (oOZewyOo)

Worst case they decide to sue me. Which is gonna bring me down for sure. I’m really broke guys, and my parents are even more so. I’m actually paying some of their bills, so yeah. I’m not gonna be able to fall back on them if I have to.

Another reason why I didn’t want to share this week’s episode is because of the threat that YJ will be canceled. I wanted to stop sharing my eps, so I could more or less force you guys into taking action stopping the cancellation of the show. But then I realized that I really don’t want to force anyone into doing anything.
But if interested in helping keeping the show running you can go to YjFanvids tumblr page to get more info about that.

But yeah. I changed my mind and decided that I should take a risk. Hopefully this will not cost me my freedom.

Thanks for following guys! And sorry about this loooong message. If you read through it all - then THANK YOU for caring~!

  • 27th January
  • 27
  • 21st January
  • 21

YJI Salvage ep 4 season 2 fixed

Hi guys!

Alot of you have been asking for Salvage to be fixed and I finally got sometime over to fix it. I’m gonna take a quick peek around and see which download links stopped working, I will also fixed all the YJ comics downloads.

I might not have time to do it all tonight. But I will keep you guys posted!

Young Justice Invasion - Ep 4
Download Salvage HERE

  • 21st January
  • 21