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  • 22nd July
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Sooo.. Finally decided to take a picture to show that I actually did manage to color my hair the right color of red that I wanted. However. It’s been like 2/3 weeks since I colored it, so yeah. I kinda need to re:color it again because of my hair growing, which makes me look bald/thin-haired because of my natural hair color coming through -again. *showing through? Too tired. To care. Maybe.

I’m making excuses to not fix the YJ masterpost. And I need to stop that and just pull myself together and just sit down and -well- fix it. Oh sigh.

I’m also getting mep parts in late, again. Ugh. Anyway, to keep it short, once again, this is not my week. On top of it all I’ve gotten like mouth-sores.. ehm.. sore on the lips? I’m honestly not sure what it’s called in english. XD Yay.

I find english vs swedish words funny. Like ‘slut’ (whore), the word slut in swedish means ‘end’. So yeah, that’s weird. And like ‘mask’ means ‘worm’ in swedish. And ‘kiss’ means ‘pee’. xD Yeah, lovely right? ^^”

I’m really tired and I’m not sure what I’m still doing up. Sorry for putting a random post on your dashboard. Will probably happen again, but yeah sorry.

Thanks for all the follows, and subscribes and support and love and all the wonderful stuff I’ve been getting recently (spelling fail).

They all keep me going~! ^^
- Zewy