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  • 22nd October
  • 22

Ugh… I’m always late. Why can I never be on time? Just for once I would like to not let my friends down, and not be late. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know I’m always late, I know I’m bad at keeping promises. I should just stop making them, and start doing things eariler.

But noooo..

”Maybe this time I can actually make time and play games with Mikey, Maybe this time I will be able to make a video and have it up on time as I promised.”

I’m such a stupid boy. Why do I never learn? Tst.


Hi S! (Click here to see my lovely prom date: WaitingxInxSilence)

I’m crossing my fingers that it still haven’t passed midnight in the States yet. X3
It’s already like 4am here. Yeah.. I don’t know.
Maybe I can blame this on me being wanting to make a video instead of just taking a quick photo.. Maybe I should blame this on my program for not wanting to render this piece of sh*t. Maybe, just maybe I can blame this on everything else than me just not being good at planning.

Anyway. I really failed big time, I just want to get this over and done with so I can forget all about even making this. xD

Saw your prom bild so cute! X3 (meant ‘picture’, not ‘bild’, I’m mixing swedish in right now.. sooo tired…)

I wished I had put more thoughts and efforts into all of this. :’(
Oh well, there’s always next year, right S? :’D

Well anyway.. Hmm.. I wanted to end this with something like happy prom night, but I’m honestly not sure that’s a correct thing to say/write..

**Mikey, if you see this. I’m gonna see how my work schedule is this week and make sure to make room for you so we can play some Dc universe 2gether. That’s a promise I will do my very best to keep!

  • 22nd July
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Sooo.. Finally decided to take a picture to show that I actually did manage to color my hair the right color of red that I wanted. However. It’s been like 2/3 weeks since I colored it, so yeah. I kinda need to re:color it again because of my hair growing, which makes me look bald/thin-haired because of my natural hair color coming through -again. *showing through? Too tired. To care. Maybe.

I’m making excuses to not fix the YJ masterpost. And I need to stop that and just pull myself together and just sit down and -well- fix it. Oh sigh.

I’m also getting mep parts in late, again. Ugh. Anyway, to keep it short, once again, this is not my week. On top of it all I’ve gotten like mouth-sores.. ehm.. sore on the lips? I’m honestly not sure what it’s called in english. XD Yay.

I find english vs swedish words funny. Like ‘slut’ (whore), the word slut in swedish means ‘end’. So yeah, that’s weird. And like ‘mask’ means ‘worm’ in swedish. And ‘kiss’ means ‘pee’. xD Yeah, lovely right? ^^”

I’m really tired and I’m not sure what I’m still doing up. Sorry for putting a random post on your dashboard. Will probably happen again, but yeah sorry.

Thanks for all the follows, and subscribes and support and love and all the wonderful stuff I’ve been getting recently (spelling fail).

They all keep me going~! ^^
- Zewy