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  • 20th June
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Sooo.. I’m more of a Marvel guy, so I haven’t actually read that much DC, so when people started to mention Wally being abused as young I just went along. Thought it was cool and all that. Of course after looking into it I found out that people had just been messing with me so, yeah. That’s nice.

Anyway. In Flash Volume 2 Issue 00, Wally travells back intime seeing himself being.. Hmm.. I would say spanked, or smacked on the ass by his father. Felt kinda lame but yeah, that’s it. Though, in this his mother also throws away all of his Flash stuffs and fights alot with Wally’s dad. But it’s still no where near the rumored abused talk surrounding Wally.

In Titans vol 1 issue 16, the whole old Teen Titans team gets throwed back in time, or rather, into a dream world were they are young again. Once again we get to see a short moment of Rudy smacking Wally, but this time in the face, and not his ass. There’s a lot of cool things going on in this one, and the art is nice, so I suggest that you guys read this!

The last comic I give you I’ve actually not read yet, so I have not idea what it’s about. But I thought I could throw it in as a bonus.

Flash Vol 2 Issue #00

Flash Vol 2 Issue #95

TITANS Vol 1 Issue #16