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  • 10th March
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YJI episode 18 Intervention HD logofree DL

Sorry that it has taken so long to get this up. I’ve been working, been dogsitting, and most recently sick. Yeah awesome week this week. *ironic*

Anyway. Episode 19 will be up for download tomorrow. After that it’s only one episode left before Young Justice is done/finished. It’s been an awesome 2 season run - lots of hiatus, lots of tears, lots of angry fans. But hey, let’s hope Cartoon Network /or whoever/ get to their senses and bring YJ back for us. If they do not, then we still have Ultimate Spider-man I guess. Though that one seems to be on a hiatus or cancelled as well.. Isn’t life swell?

Here’s episode 18 for you guys!

Download here: CLICK ME! Yay~!
Or from sendspace here: CLICK ME andloveme~!

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Young Justice Episodes HD download


Young Justice Downloads. Links will expire, please contact me when they do, contact info is in the bottom of the post. I hope you guys enjoy them as long as you can!

First 4 episodes are in .AVI, the rest are in .MPEG, they are all in high quality and does not have any ads or watermarks on them. Newest episode are in WMV, hd and logo free, however they are not in widescreen - sorry.


Independence Day Ep 1: http://bit.ly/KUCNHV

Firework Ep 2: http://bit.ly/KUCUDf

Welcome to Happy Harbor Ep 3: http://bit.ly/KUCWLz

Drop Zone Ep 4: http://bit.ly/KUD0uR

Schooled Ep 5: http://bit.ly/GVNzbh

Infiltrator Ep 6:  http://bit.ly/Mc2ZA6

Denial Ep 7: http://bit.ly/JKmf3n

Downtime Ep 8: http://bit.ly/HqOnZE

Bereft Ep 9: http://bit.ly/KhkGIB 

Targets Ep 10: http://25onj0.1fichier.com/en/

Terrors Ep 11: http://bit.ly/J0dAr8

Homefront Ep 12: http://bit.ly/KXJV83

Alpha Male Ep 13: http://bit.ly/I1gHmg

Revelation Ep 14: http://xrwrhy.1fichier.com/en/

Humanity Ep 15: http://bke2eo.1fichier.com/en/

Failsafe Ep 16: http://x4skda.1fichier.com/en/

Disordered Ep 17: http://bit.ly/I4gD43

Secrets Ep 18: http://fuqh0s.1fichier.com/en/

Misplaced ep 19: http://bit.ly/zcB2G6

Coldhearted ep 20: http://bit.ly/yH9oNu

Image ep 21: http://bit.ly/GA7tuj

Agendas ep 22: http://bit.ly/H5zhXA

Insecurity ep 23: http://bit.ly/Hz89ng

Performance ep 24: http://bit.ly/HD6TOU

Usual Suspect ep 25: http://bit.ly/IXyOKu

Auld Acquaintance ep 26: http://bit.ly/JixcLm

YJI - Happy New Year ep 1: http://bit.ly/Knc82S

YJI - Earthlings ep 2: http://bit.ly/IIxOds

YJI - Alienated ep 3: http://bit.ly/KCIR7K

YJI - Salvage ep 4:  WMV DOWNLOAD

YJI - Beneath ep 5: http://bit.ly/KOo6CB

YJI - Bloodlines ep 6: http://bit.ly/NAMifU

YJI - Depths ep 7: http://bit.ly/KlXekj

YJI - Satisfaction ep 8: download wmv

YJI - Darkest ep 9: WMV

YJI - Before the Dawn ep 10: WMV DOWNLOAD

YJI - Cornered ep 11: WMV DOWNLOAD

YJI - True Colors ep 12: WMV Download

YJI - The Fix ep 13: WMV DOWNLOAD

YJI - Runaways ep 14: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/UW0qnBsmrd/

YJI - WAR ep 15: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/jjTl0GW9qV/

YJI - Complications ep 16: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/OZT5o0nv4o/

YJI - The Hunt ep 17: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/kqeQUairyN/

YJI - Intervention ep 18: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/ms8egvDBQq/

YJI - Summit ep 19: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/ONbKoYdo4A/

YJI - Endgame ep 20: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/3npMQfiHyt/

"This is not meant to harm the production of this awesome show, neither is it meant to be downloaded and then sold to people as copies. This is simple me wanting to share this awesome show with people whom do not live in USA and can’t watch it because of that. I also uploaded this so people can download and edit with the show, spreading it forward to people all around the world through Youtube. I still would love for people to buy merchandise, and support this show in any way possible so we can watch it for years to come! Young Justice belongs to Warner bros. and Dc comics. I take no credit for the show. I’m simple just a guy, who is very poor, trying to share this amazing show with people around the world!" - Zewy

If there’s any problem You can contact me either through my Tumblr or go to my YT channel and send me a PM, make the title “Young Justice Episodes Tumblr”.

My tumblr: http://oozewyoo.tumblr.com/

My Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/oOZewyOo